Data protection against attacks

Protecting data against attacks is a difficult task. Attackers must be restricted as much as possible from accessing information resources. However, in non-technical terms, not all doors can be closed, so it is necessary to put security guards at the door and do thorough searches of all pockets. Even so, well-disguised threats can still get through, so internal communications should also be checked and anomalies should be monitored against normal traffic. If an attack is caught early by this intelligent continuous analysis, it won’t start causing damage. Any preemptive self-improvement of data protection is not 100%. However, you must always assume that an attack will go through. Then it is necessary to have functional, reliable, fast-restoring, maximum-security backups.

The right solution to protect data against attacks is therefore not one technology, but a suitable complex of technologies. We have been dealing with this issue for a long time and have so far helped our customers to ensure the IT security of their information assets with great success.

Let us mention some of the technologies we have used: Next Generation Firewall, network virtualization with global management, network segmentation and microsegmentation, SIEM analysis of security events from active network and IT security elements (Security Information and Event Management), Flow Monitoring for detection and evaluation of anomalies and defects in the content and scope of communication within companies and external communication to/from the Internet, antivirus protection of individual devices and virtualized environments, document encryption and audit of access to information resources.

The virtualization of applications and user workstations is a giant leap in the level of IT security in the enterprise. This technology moves all the information content that needs to be protected from many endpoint devices to well-secured data centers. It closes a lot of doors that a pest can walk through to cause damage or obtain valuable data. Controlling and monitoring physical access is an equally important part of data protection. Camera systems with image analysis, smart access gates, multi-factor authentication for access to information resources (user identity verification), etc. We use trusted HW and SW from VMware, CISCO, PaloAlto, HPE, DELL EMC, Lenovo, Genetec, Imprivata, Evolveum, IBM, Flowmon, ESET, Stratodesk, ThinLinx, Storware.