vCube AiO

vCube AiO


will meet data centre requirements simply, elegantly and cost-effectively.

Everything required for operation is pre-configured and easily adaptable to the customer’s needs. Commissioning costs are minimal. Expansion is easy as the vCube AiO has the capacity to grow as your business does.

vCube AiO

vCube AiO HCI - hyper-converged IT infrastructure All-In-One

This small cube contains everything corporate IT needs – servers, workstations, storage, backups, security. 

Compact infrastructure for running corporate servers and user workstations effectively uses cutting-edge virtualization and hyper-convergence (HCI) technologies.

Continuous reliable delivery of corporate IT services is ensured in the event of equipment failure by duplicating redundant servers and data storage.

The vCube system AiO, although compact, will provide uncompromising performance. It has powerful processors, ample RAM, large powerful storage, and uses a fast 10Gbit network for communication. The system provides enough power for 60 virtual servers and workstations while maintaining full resource redundancy. If the performance and capacity become insufficient as requirements grow, the system can be easily and almost unlimitedly expanded in a modular way.

Standard features include servers, disk arrays, network elements, security firewall, batteries for power outages, and complete software for server, workstation, network and storage virtualization, all necessary Microsoft Windows user and software licences, and backup software. All together, it’s mutually tuned and simple to operate and maintain.

No need for large computer cabinets, air conditioning, UPS batteries. The vCube AiO HCI represents all the equipment of a corporate data centre/server room.

It replaces large, noisy, expensive, maintenance-intensive workstations that are the most taxing on IT departments and are the easiest targets and sources of virus attacks leading to data loss. Full-featured MS Windows client workstations will run safely in your business on a vCube AiO HCI device protected against crashes and attackers. The data in your “virtual PC” doesn’t leave the safety of your business, but you can. The “virtual PC” is always with you – in the office, on the road and at home. If you lose your laptop, you only lose the HW, not the data. You will avoid GDPR issues. A small, inexpensive client terminal takes over as your workstation. This can be, for example, a DPDC vCube client in the form of a small box connected to a monitor or a mobile vCube client laptop, both at a fraction of the price of a standard PC or laptop. A home PC or a smart mobile device with the operating system Windows, Linux, iOS, Android or Chrome with an internet connection can just as easily be used as a terminal.

A virtual PC is almost indistinguishable from a traditional PC. But it is more secure, more economical and permanently with you whether you are at home or on the go.

DPDC vCube AiO HCI is a complete private data centre that saves big expenses and ensures secure and reliable IT services.


Technical parameters of vCube AiO HCI:
vSphere/vSAN cluster (2x Compute node, 1x Service node)
6U 3-node chassis (UPS, Switch+firewall 10Gbit LAN+, cabling)
Backup power supply (integrated UPS with automated correct shutdown)
vSAN storage up to 30TB SSD/each node cluster
MixedUse SSD MLC vSAN Cache 960GB/node
CPU up to 3x 16/32HT, Memory up to 3×256
Backup server Nakivo with deduplication and compression
Backup power supply (integrated UPS with automated correct shutdown)
Possibility of remote HW management (service remote control)
VMware vSphere – (server/network virtualization)
VMware vSAN – (Disk storage virtualization)
VMware Horizon View – Virtualization of user workplaces (virtual desktop)
VTL – intelligent storage“ instead of „DT – data vault

vCube AiO DT – data vault

vCube AiO DT is a disk array with superior functions for use as a data vault for safe storage of all secondary company data.

Secondary data are archives, backups, historical documents, preserved applications, photos, videos, camera recordings, clones of virtual servers, snapshots of file systems.

It has 10Gbit connectivity. It can encrypt, compress and deduplicate. It can detect viruses and encrypted data,  and most importantly, it can go back in time to a pre-infection state.

The vault can be connected as a shared disk, as a cloud object storage (S3), as a tape robot with LTO tapes and even over the Internet/WAN using deduplication! It acts as an extremely fast backup and archive device with a catalogue in which you can store and easily find historical versions of your documents, databases, virtual servers, physical servers and applications.

Even in the event of a power failure, the vCube AiO DT remains fully operational, which will be appreciated by all connected servers, which will not lose their disk devices prematurely.

vCube AiO DT is available in variants

  • DT20: 1U 4-node VA cluster 20TB, Base: 2U rack +UPS

  • DT15: 1U 4-node VA cluster 15TB AllFlash, Base: 6U rack +SpareNodeHW +UPS +10Gb LAN switch/fw
  • DT30: 1U 4-node VA cluster 30TB AllFlash, Base: 6U rack +SpareNodeHW +UPS +10Gb LAN switch/fw
  • DT15D: DELL XR4000 node 15TB AllFlash, Base: 2U chassis +SpareNode + 3xDT15D node/chassis)

  • DT15G: Data Vault in Google Cloud 15TB

vCube AiO Client - flexible user workplace

Flexible secure user workplace for office and home-office.
A small, inexpensive client terminal takes over as your workstation. This can be, for example, a DPDC vCube client in the form of a small, inexpensive box connected to a monitor or a vCube client in the form of a laptop. Both at a fraction of the price of a standard PC.

vCube Client

Thin Client for VDI with Blast protocol support, LAN, Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.2, USB 3.2 (2x 10Gbps,1x 5Gbps),  and USB-C (Power input, Data Transfer, DP1.4), 2x HDMI 2.0 (4K), Audio Jack (Mic+HeadPhone), Stratodesk NoTouch OS, low power consumption, suitable for every workplace

vCube Client NTB

Thin Client for VDI with  Blast protocol, 15.6″ Full HD display (1920×1080 pixels), LAN 1Gbit, Wi-Fi a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth 4.2, 2x USB 3.0 a 1x USB 2.0  DVD±RW drive, HDMI port, webcam, Stratodesk NoTouch OS
Suitable for mobile workplace