Data backup and archiving

A third of Czech companies would not be able to recover 100% of their data in the event of a disaster. However, if backup processes are set up correctly, data rescue and subsequent recovery are not only possible, but also very easy.

Every company should have at least one backup copy of crucial data. And if you have a large volume of data, you need to rely on a more complex technology than simply copying it to an external drive.

We work with specialized IBM Spectrum Protect software and other tools and services that make data backup and archiving not only reliable, but also highly efficient. We provide backup of physical and virtual servers, applications, as well as workstations. We will find the optimal solution for your company. The optimal solution in terms of cost, speed and storage size. We use so-called incremental backups, which work only with data increments without the need to repeatedly save full backups, and hierarchical archives. These work with separate layers. Current data are stored on the fastest (and thus most expensive) media, unused data are automatically pushed to “lower” slower, high-capacity layers. You can also increase security by deploying a second backup server where additional copies of the backups are stored.

Backup systems offer a wide range of configuration options, support open standards, and work closely with copy functions of operating systems and disk arrays, virtualization platforms (such as VMWare, Microsoft Hyper-V), applications, and databases. It is possible to extend them or design a cloud solution. But in any case, they make the work of IT departments in companies easier, and data backup and archiving is securely taken care of.

It’s easy to replace damaged hardware with other hardware, but it’s impossible to replace lost data. Protect it – rely on us and truly reliable backup procedures and tools.

You can retrieve data really fast from SSD storage, but the cost is very high. A company that manages data in the tens to hundreds of terabytes cannot afford such an investment. Its goal is to store data in a way that is both fast to access and cost-effective. The solution is so-called hierarchical archives, which work on two basic principles. The different storage tiers of a hierarchical system have different speeds and data is stored on them according to set rules so that long-term backups of data that are not accessed very often are stored on slower tiers. And, of course, the reverse is also true. If the system subsequently assesses that specific data is being reused, i.e. this data has priority, it moves it to a higher, faster layer. If Hierarchical Storage Management is properly implemented on backup platforms (e.g. IBM Spectrum Protect), the user does not even know which layer they are using, the operation of the storage is efficient and economical, the data is safely stored and the use of the entire system is as simple as possible.

Data security is a priority service, in which the required data is secured with backup tools using the latest technologies; ensuring fast and reliable recovery of archives and backup data. We have also reduced the complexity of the backup process. The DPDC Protection service includes data protection on servers and end stations. Deployment is fast, professional and does not place great demands on the customer’s human resources.

Store your data smartly and inexpensively – choose a hierarchical data backup and archiving solution and us as partners in its implementation.