Corporate server solutions

Central IT systems, or data centers, need processing power, server memory, data storage, backup, security, network elements, power backup, air conditioning, software, computer cases, and other components.

Traditionally, DPDC’s work begins with identifying the customer’s needs. This is followed by an examination of the bottlenecks in existing IT systems in terms of performance, capacity, warranties, reliability and security. Based on the information found, we then design, deliver and commission a new and improved IT system that meets the customer’s requirements.

We strive to optimize the individual components as much as possible so that they form a functional and internally well-cooperating unit.

Our designs also respect the dramatic advances in IT and are modern, flexible and “Cloud ready” so that the technology makes it easy to use cloud services.

Under the vCube brand name, we offer finely tuned and benchmarked hyper-converged server-based IT systems that provide secure, cost-effective, administratively simple, quality IT services to our customers’ employees and collaborating partners.

Great emphasis is placed on the quality of the supplied SW and HW, including with regard to operational support and rapid resolution of fault conditions.

We are a certified partner of major HW and SW manufacturers, such as IBM, Lenovo, HPE, DELL EMC, CISCO, Microsoft, VMware, ESET and others.