Mazars, a company providing audit, tax consulting, accounting and valuation services, celebrated its 20th anniversary in the Czech Republic in 2015. It is currently the 7th largest audit company in the Czech Republic and employs over 250 professionals. In 2019, it was ranked 2nd in the Accounting Firm of the Year 2019 competition.

DPDC has handled several projects for Mazars to streamline and secure the IT infrastructure and user access to the company’s key systems. These include the implementation of a backup as a service solution for data backup and archiving, a solution for running virtual desktops and servers, the implementation of SDN as a platform to ensure network security, and the creation and operation of a backup IT site for the smooth operation of the company in the event of outages at the primary site. Key infrastructure events are collected and subsequently analyzed through the SIEM solution.

The State Veterinary Institute Jihlava is a modern laboratory facility with extensive professional and laboratory facilities in accordance with the latest knowledge in the field integrating the latest knowledge and technologies.

The organization offers a complete range of diagnostic and preventive tests in the field of animal health and chemical, microbiological, immunochemical, molecular and sensory investigations. These investigations include but are not limited to food, raw materials, feed, swabs, cosmetic products, bio-waste, air and environment including determination of foreign and additive substances including professional interpretation of results, consultations, counseling, educational, training and research activities.

Since 1 January 2014, the organisation has two workplaces, the main workplace in Jihlava and the workplace in České Budějovice.

A major challenge in 2018 was the issue of securely sharing the IT systems of the two separate branches of the Institute.

In the main datacenter at the Jihlava site, a highly available virtualization IT cluster was built on the platform of vSAN Ready nodes DELL EMC with VMware vSphere and vSAN technologies with components for securing virtual environments against internal and external attacks and viruses.

On this secured platform, the institute now operates hyperconverged data storage, virtual servers and virtual workstations for the Jihlava, Budějovice and mobile workplaces.

The biggest success is that the platform has busted the myth that increased security leads to increased discomfort for users. On the contrary, users praise the ease of use and the performance of the new solution.   

 Ondřej Duba, Head of IT, SVÚ Jihlava

The Kociánka Centre is a state-funded organization established by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Czech Republic. The mission of the Kociánka Centre is to continue the tradition of comprehensive rehabilitation of children and adults with disabilities through a modern concept of professional social and health services – to support them in their education and participation in society. The organization underwent a radical IT transformation in 2016. The original approximately 100 employee workstations in the Brno and Březejc locations were virtualized on the VMware Horizon View platform, completely eliminating traditional PCs and, more importantly, the risks of data corruption and misuse of personal information associated with running standalone PCs.

“With the transition to a virtual workplace, Kociánka gained a huge advantage over most companies during the pandemic. I believe that everyone who works from home appreciates this in hindsight, as I do. Long live the virtual, long live DPDC and long live new technology!

Mgr. et Mgr. Tomáš Komárek, Director, Centrum Kociánka